Infant and Maternity Photography Bozeman Montana

New Ideas…

I LOVE creating beautiful images for families to treasure. Pregnancy and childbirth is such an incredible, exhausting, rewarding decision to make. The last few weeks can be especially long.

I’ve had this idea for a photograph that captures that last stretch and then showing it as a memory. A reflection on the past. And then taking a similar image that shows the reward. The sweet miracle that comes after a mother has come out on the other side. Combining the 2 photos in one image shows both of these moments, both so fleeting. It’s powerful and emotional and I was so excited to execute my idea with this beautiful momma and her brand new baby girl. There is a space of 4 weeks between the two photos. So amazing to see both sides of the coin.

I used 2 photos set up in the same way 4 weeks apart. I then did some Photoshop magic to get the final result. Here are the 2 photos I used SOOC.