Baby on Guitar Photo Bozeman

Friends Don’t let Friends go to a Scary Photographer…

Photos of your sweet new baby are so special and it’s so much fun to do those cute poses and use those fun props. This client brought in a guitar that this little guy’s daddy made and it is so cool! I was so excited to use it! You may see photos like this on Pinterest and in magazines and think ‘I’d love that shot with my baby!’ I get this a lot. If you’ve ever looked at a photo, though, and wondered ‘how did they do that?’- that’s a sign that there is some photographer/photoshop magic that happened.

I’ve seen photographers do a shot like this where they get baby settled, have someone holding them, and let go quick to do a shot. Ahhhh! That is scary! And the photographer is not putting baby’s safety as the number one priority. Shots like this are comprised of multiple images. His momma’s hands never left him while he was laying on this guitar.

It’s fun when I put together a shot and tell the parents how they can help and they say ‘Wow! I never knew that’s how you do that!’ Some photographers may not do it the way I do; but I ALWAYS put the safety of your sweet babe first before anything else. And I will take extra steps and spend more time editing images together to make sure that your most precious thing in your life is perfectly cared for while you’re in my studio. I take pride in my work and I have taken classes and been trained in posing and editing so that I can do this.

So take a look at some of these composite and behind the scenes shots! It’s fun to see what goes into creating these images!