Community Over Competition

Community over competition. That’s the motto of the Rising Tide Society. I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of creative people that want to uplift and build one another up in their businesses and life. I believe you get further and have a more fulfilling life by serving others; by getting outside of yourself and your own head and helping someone else.

There are a TON of photographers in this lovely, sweet town that is Bozeman, MT. And we all want to succeed. We all want to have flourishing photography businesses and beautiful images that will bless the lives of families for years to come. I decided I didn’t want to be naive and unwise in the way I thought about my business. So don’t get me wrong- I want to be the best photographer families can find here. But I didn’t want it to come at the cost of harsh competition and cutting other photographers down. By “beating them out”. I want to enjoy my thriving business because I’m kind; because I create beautiful portraits for people that they can’t get from anyone else the way I do it; because others like to be around me and I provide a service for them where they feel they’ve been blessed to have been able to know me in such a way that they have beautifully preserved memories.

So, when I was approached by Sara, another photographer here in town, about joining this amazing group- I jumped at the opportunity. We learn together, grow together both as individuals and in our businesses, and we can relate to one another! It’s been so fun and I am thrilled to be a part of the Bozeman chapter of the Rising Tide Society.

Monday this week we had a styled shoot. We had a florist, beautiful dancers, people with gorgeous and well-behaved horses, wedding and event planners, and, of course, photographers. We met at the Big Yellow Barn and had a great time photographing. These images are some of mine from the shoot and it’s so much fun to see how different photographers saw the same exact thing at the same exact time and how different all the photos from everyone look! Thank you to all who came and participated. I am loving these shots and I can’t wait to keep creating beautiful images.