Infant Photography Bozeman Montana


I am one that believes in counting your blessings. There has been a lot of hard things happening these last couple weeks in the lives of some friends and families around me and it causes me to think a little more on how precious life really is. How fragile it really is. And how amazing it really is.

There are times that moms tear up at the sight of their photos when they come in a few weeks later and their babies are already looking so different. I’ve had families tell me that there are a lot of things they spend money on that don’t really seem to matter much after they do- but they love coming back every year for photos because it’s one thing that increases in value and sentiment over time that can never be replaced. I’ve had families contact me telling me that a family member passed away shortly after a session and they’re so grateful they did the photos.

Photographs really are so special and so sentimental. This collage is so precious! Two precious baby girls with their whole lives ahead of them and what a wonderful start they have in life. Two parents that love them more than anything. I loved being able to capture this moment for this family. You never get these days back.

One of my blessings that I recognize in my life is my job. I love what I do. It’s a lot of hard work- but so worth it. And another blessing is having photos of those that I love myself. Thank you to all who bless me with the opportunity to create photographs of your loved ones as well.